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  • Tony & Felciity Dale in Australia (By Oikos Australia)
    The Simple Church Conference brought inspiration and encouragement to many people around the nation. The big surprise is how many in traditional churches are appreciating this opportunity to be challenged to see simple church multiplication as a way forward. Tony and Felicity very capably bridged these groups because of their involvement both with independent groups for many years, plus their
  • Welfare… for Whom? (By Andre Van Eymeren)
    Sometime ago a Christian Indigenous leader in Melbourne alerted me to a bill being put forward by the Rudd government. It related to the Northern Territory intervention, the racial discrimination act and the welfare act. The racial discrimination act was suspended to allow the Howard government to ‘intervene’ in the Northern Territory. The Rudd government has continued with this intervention,
  • Debunking Aboriginal Myths (By Rebecca Walker)
    I was recently lent a copy of All-About: The Story of a Black Community on Argyle Station, Kimberley by Mary and Elizabeth Durack. It is a children’s book published in 1935 which went through five reprints up until 1944. Even just looking at the cover, it is immediately distressing, as it emblazoned with a picture of an Aboriginal man who looks like a demonic ape. It purports to tell the story of
  • Work & Calling (Kitty Cheng)
    The Transforming Melbourne team was invited to participate in the Cre8 Kingdom Summit organised by Australian Marketplace Connection. Being part of the Cre8 team, I had the privilege of learning from the process of assisting to organise, as well as during the conference.I was reminded that the Bible has a lot to say about work and business. Indeed, Jesus said, “do work / business till I come.” So
  • The Church: A Broken Vessel To Be Loved ( By Andre Van Eymeren)
    Amy, Josh and I have recently moved to the leafy, middle class suburb of Ringwood (Oh sorry – of course egalitarian society – there are no classes!). Only 20 minutes down the road, yet at times, it feels a world away from the multicultural Dandenong we have called home for the last 2 years. However, under the surface of our new community, there appears to be desperation. I saw this in the eyes of

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